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Flood disaster July 2021

Online Courses on disaster reduction, disaster risk management and climate change

On this page we would like to introduce open online courses which concentrate on disaster reduction, disaster risk management and climate change. Also, we want to present some of the big massive open online platforms, such as Coursera, edX. and iversity (coming soon). After a short registration on the pages you get access to the course content.

If you are interested in study programmes related to that field, click here.


Massive Open Online Courses

Massive Open Online Courses, also called MOOC, are courses which are available for free via web. Besides traditional course material like lectures, readings, and problem sets, many MOOCs also support interactive learning using quizzes, assignments or user forums. In the following, we present three different plattforms offering open online courses: 


1. Coursera is an international plattform which was established by two professors from Stanford University. The plattform itself does not produce own online courses, but collects, coordinates and streams the content. Over 600 courses are offered. The attendance is free. Official certificates, however, are online provided for money. 

These are some courses regarding disaster risk reduction (DRR):


2. The plattform edX. contains around 126 courses which cover different topics. The course language for most courses is English. Similarly to the Coursera plattform, official certificates will be charged. 


3. The plattform iversity also offeres different courses. Not only courses on economics, marketing, natural sciences are offered, but also courses on medicine or computer sciences. The courses generally do not require previous knowledge. For some courses it might be better to take introductory courses first. Participation certificates are given when over 80 percent of the course material and homework is completed. Taking the final exams, however, costs. 






World Bank

The World Bank offers several courses regarding resilience and disaster prevention. The courses are mostly self-paced so that the participants can choose their own learning rate. The courses are conducted in English.





 Other courses which will be available soon


The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, FAO also offers online content which is available at their website.

Categories vary, ranging from sustainable development goal indicators, to gender, child labor as well as trade, markets and investments. You can choose from the variety of courses after the registration. We want to present a selection of courses which are related to disaster risk reduction and climate change.


 You can access the different categories here

DRR Platform

The Swiss NGO DRR Platform developed a basic course on disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaption (CCA). The course consists of four modules in form of power point presentations which are available for free. Besides giving an overview on key concepts of DRR and CCA, practical case studies of different contexts are presented as well as illustrative video material.

  • You can access the presentations here.


Nasa is also offereng e-learning sessions to different topics.Compared to the other online courses, however, the e-learning sessions are only available on certain dates.

The next e-learning session will take place in July and covers the topic on "Monitoring urban floods using remote sensing".



Earth Imagery at Work

Ringvorlesung im Bevölkerungsschutz

The university of Wuppertal (department civil protection, disaster aid and security) offers german and english Youtube videos on relevant topics regarding disaster risk reduction.

More videos will follow soon.