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Resilience Workshop

Report on the kick-off workshop ResilienzWiki on 08 October 2019

The kick-off workshop ResilienzWiki took place on 08 October 2019 with 28 participants.

Last year, the Academy of Disaster Research Center (AKFS) in cooperation with DKKV launched the "ResilienzWiki". The aim of the ResilienzWiki is to create a transparent knowledge base for identifying weak points in German civil protection. The ResilienzWiki is also intended to support advisory processes by providing basic knowledge. The structure of the ResilienzWiki is designed to relate the capacities within civil protection to the developments and changes of hazards and society and thus become the basis for the systematic identification of weaknesses and gaps. In the course of the process, these weaknesses and gaps are to be considered through the workshops conducted by DKKV in cooperation with AKFS.

On October 8, 2019, the kick-off workshop for the ResilienzWiki took place at the DKKV premises. With 28 participants, strengths and weaknesses of the German disaster risk management system were discussed in different steps. 

The aim of the workshop was to identify particularly relevant areas and to develop possible scenarios, which will then be discussed in detail in further workshops. The results of these workshops are then incorporated into the Wiki.

As shown in the diagram, the participants collected hazards on the basis of concrete questions, named actors and identified framework conditions that influence the processes. 

Based on this assessment, the participants were asked to name the five most relevant risks from their point of view. As a consensus, heat and drought emerged as dangers that are currently raising new questions in a special way. The scenario of a heat wave was determined for the next workshop. 

We will inform you about further resilience workshops on our website.