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Resilient tourism in the light of disasters and climate change

Sustainable development of the tourism sector requires a consistent approach to climate and disaster risks. Hotels and resorts play an important role before, during and after catastrophic events and, particularly in high-risk areas, help to safeguard the local economy and development even in the event of extreme events. Hotels' investments in risk-reducing measures not only have a direct protective effect on customers and employees, but also have a positive impact on the resilience of surrounding communities and the general population.

The basic concept of the "Resilient Tourism" project was developed within the framework of the Global Initiative Disaster Risk Management (GIKRM) to promote improved disaster risk management and strengthen resilience in the tourism sector. Hotel Resilient provides internationally recognized disaster risk management and climate change standards that systematically support hotels and resorts in reducing the risks to their operations from natural and technological hazards. Guided by the standards, hotels and resorts can strengthen their disaster risk management capacities and the safety of their hotel facilities. Hotel Resilient's mission is to establish and promote climate and disaster risk management standards and practices in the hotel industry through certification, training, scientific research and global knowledge dissemination.

In the further development of this initiative, DKKV intends to show by way of example, through cooperation with tourism sector stakeholders, how a coherent approach to climate and disaster risk management in the tourism sector can be supported in order to create future prospects in partner countries and ensure sustainable development. The interaction between the private sector and the promotion of local resilience makes the tourism sector particularly interesting in this respect.


Planned activities

  • VIP event in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office (AA), the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the tourism industry
  • Sensitization of the tourism sector to strengthen climate and disaster resilience
  • Piloting of the Hotel Resilient concept
  • Professional exchange with representatives of the tourism industry




December 2019 to October 2020

Funding agency

Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH(GIZ)


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