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Flood disaster July 2021

MYrisk - Management of multiple risks of extreme events in fast growing (mega)cities in Myanmar

The MYrisk project is concerned with disaster prevention and the reduction of the consequences of natural risks in the megacity of Yangon in Myanmar. The project aims at the prevention of multiple disaster risks, a comprehensive sensitisation as well as an integrative management of disaster events.

The project is currently in the second of probably four phases. After the preparatory phase (1st phase), in which the situation in the research region was investigated on the basis of literature research, workshops, field research and interviews, and gaps in knowledge and data were discovered, the project is now in the definition phase (2nd phase).

Within the definition phase, multiple risks in Yangon will be examined in detail. Objectives for the definition phase are:

  • Creation of an effective database, based on reliable research data, which serves as a basis for the exchange of information between institutions and facilitates their cooperation
  • Designing educational and awareness programs to prevent the loss of personal documents in the event of disaster events.
  • Designing prevention programmes to protect the economic base in the event of disaster events
  • Designing education and awareness programmes to ensure basic services (access to water, food, electricity and health care).

Here the focus is on the three natural hazards earthquakes, tropical cyclones and floods. A workshop on this project was held as part of the Disaster Risk Management Conference.  

DKKV is involved in producing information flyers for the civilian population on the three natural hazards earthquakes, floods and tropical cyclones.



November 2017 to Feb 2021 (current phase 2 of up to 4)


Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)


University of Cologne, Stadtentwässerungsbetriebe Köln (StEB), Berufsfeuerwehr Köln (AFRB),

Erdbebenwarte Bensberg (ErdbW), Notfallseelsorge (NotfS), ICLEI World Secretariat/Bonn

as well as partners from Myanmar city administration and science




Flyer of the project: