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Flood disaster July 2021

On the following pages we will inform you about current and past DKKV projects.


  • In the Resilient Tourism in the Light of Disasters and Climate Change project, DKKV is working together with Hotel Resilient gGmbH to improve precautionary measures against natural events in hotels and resorts.  you can find out more about the Resilient Tourism Project.
  • Since September 2019, DKKV has been involved in the MYrisk project - Management of multiple risks in the event of extreme events in fast-growing (mega)cities in Myanmar. Further information on the MYrisk project can be found here.
  • Since January 2018, the DKKV has been working on the definition of protection goals (DESKRIS) together with research assistants from Freie Universität Berlin and Bielefeld University. The work of the DKKV focuses primarily on the area of "health" with the topics of supply and supply bottlenecks of drugs and vaccines. Here you can learn more about the DESKRIS project.
  • The ESPREssO project is another current DKKV project. It deals with the promotion of synergies for disaster prevention in the European Union. If you would like more information about the ESPREssO project, click here.
  • In the archive You can learn more about completed DKKV projects.