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Research Assistant in hydroclimatology and climate impacts research

The Integrated Assessment and Climate Change (IACC) Research Group within the Energy, Climate, and Environment (ECE) program at IIASA, is searching for a research assistant in hydroclimatology and climate impacts research. The successful candidate will work with a team of international scientists to develop a growing suite of climate impacts models and indicators to improving understanding and representation of climate impacts on socioeconomic sectors such as energy, infrastructure, water resources, land, agriculture and vulnerable populations.

Tasks include (amongst others):

  • Assist in the co-development of conceptual models of specific climate risks, including identification of relevant variables, methods, indicators, and necessary datasets.
  • Process large volumes of multi-model gridded hydro-climate data into useful spatio-temporally consistent indicators and statistics, preferably in Python.
  • Contribute to the production of maps and visualisations to check results and communicate findings.

Please find more information here.