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The next issue of the WORLD SECURITY REPORT is coming up soon. Therefore a call for editorials was started. Papers can be about Critical Infrastructure Protection, Counter Terror, Cyber Security Focus , Prison Security, Disaster Relief and Resilience or Public Security.


Initially please submit a short abstract for consideration. Articles must be submitted on an exclusive basis and must not be under consideration by any other publications. Articles should promote readability and must be informational, NOT PROMOTIONAL (experience shows that informational pieces are far more influential than promotional ones). Articles should be no longer than 2000 words and include images

Please submit your paper by 31st January 2021.

Editorial submissions to tony.kingham(at)knmmedia.com

The Special Issue "Spatial-Temporal Monitoring of Environmental and Ecological Processes Using LiDAR" of the journal "Remote Sensing" aims to concentrate on "innovative applications using various LiDAR sensors to monitor spatial and temporal changes in environmental and ecological processes". Submissions of both research and review papers are possible.

Submission deadline: 31.03.2022

For further information and the list of potential topics, please click here.

The American Society for Civil Engeneers (ASCE) is calling for papers for the Natural Hazards Review Special Collection "Humanitarian Supply Chain and Logistics Management in Sudden, Urgent Events: Emergencies, Disasters, and Humanitarian Crises". The Papers should address some of the gaps in the understanding of humanitarian supply chain knowledge and provide an in-depth understanding of the issues and challenges.

Topics could be:

  • Theories, concepts, frameworks on humanitarian supply chain and logistics management – reviews of relevant literature, methods, approaches, challenges, dimensions and key concepts, and cross-disciplinary theories.
  • Governance and Organizations – Regulations, agreements, legislation, global response systems, and collaborative mechanisms.
  • Pandemics, epidemics, and emerging threats response – Capacity and capabilities for vaccine development, facilities, preparedness protocols, funding and budgeting, quarantine protocols, transportation of people and things, hard-to-reach populations, technologies, and coordination and bottleneck issues.
  • Logistics, resilient design and management – Risk and contingency management, transportation, budgeting, stock storage and distribution management, information management, human resources (volunteer and professional), resilient design, and coordination and bottleneck issues.
  • Novel approaches – Resource-poor environments, agility, data and analytics, software for mapping, tracking, and forecasting, and case studies.

Submission Deadline: 01.03.2021

You can find the details here.

Springer Nature will publish the book entitled "Applied Geomorphology and Contemporary Issues" in the series “Geography of the Physical Environment”. They invite researchers to contribute to it with a book chapter. There are four main topics:

  • Climate Change and Rivers Response
  • Land Degradation, Resource Depletion and Livelihood Challenges
  • Large Dams and River Systems
  • Climate Change, Geomorphic Hazards and human livelihood

Submission of Abstracts and Manuscripts can be done via email to sujitgeo2020(at)gmail.com. The abstracts should have a maximum of 200 words and the full manuscripts should follow the SN guidelines.Fore additional information please contact the Corresponding Editor Prof Sujit Mandal via mandalsujit2009(at)gmail.com or sujitgeo2020(at)gmail.com.

Abstract submission deadline: 31.10.2020
Manuscript submission deadline: 31.01.2021

For more information about the planned content of the book, please follow this link.