German Committee for Disaster Reduction (DKKV)

The DKKV (Deutsches Komitee Katastrophenvorsorge e.V.) is designated by the German Government  as National Platform (NP) for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) in the framework of the UN-ISDR (United  Nations - International Strategy for Disaster Reduction). DKKV is a non-governmental organization, non- profit association under private law, it also serves as the German Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA)  focal point institution. As such it serves as focal point and information hub for organizations and  initiatives involved in disaster reduction, and it promotes the implementation of the Hyogo Framework for  Action (HFA). It is also a centre of expertise in all matters relating to national and international disaster  reduction issues.  DKKV has available a consolidated network of key stakeholders within the disaster reduction domain at  the national, European and international level, including European civil protection authorities. The  networks interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral character enables a broad and targeted dissemination of  initiatives, knowledge and methodologies within the disaster risk reduction community.   With structure and composition that is unique, the DKKV has special strengths in linking science (theory)  and practice, linking national and international aspects and initiatives and linking public-sector and  private-sector structures. It currently has 38 voluntary committee members and about 20 long-term guests from different Ministries, who join committee meetings as observers. Members of DKKV range  from: Governmental agencies, scientific institutes and organizations, media, private sector, humanitarian  and development cooperation organizations.

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