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Datenbank zur Katastrophenvorsorge auf EU-Ebene
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2010-12-21 Presidency
Programme of the Hungarian Presidency in the Field of Civil Protection Council Search
2010-12-16 Commission
Commission Staff Working Paper
Action Plan, Accompanying Document to the Communication of December 16 Council Search
2010-12-16 Commission Communication
On the European Strategy for the Danube Region Council Search
2010-12-14 European Parliament Recommendation to the Council
Set Up of an EU Rapid Response Capability Parliamentary Search
2010-12-14 Presidency Press Release
General Affairs Presidency Search
2010-12-10 Commission Commission Staff Working Document On the Mid-Term Review of the European Consensus on Humanitarian Aid Action Plan: Assessing Progress and Priorities in the EU's Implementation of Humanitarian Action Council Search
2010-12-06 Council Provisional List of Examples Fast Start Finance Report for Cancun - Actions Supported Council Search
2010-12-02 Commission Commission Staff Working Document Background Document to the Annual Report on the Implementation of the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA) Council Search
2010-11-23 European Parliament Resolution
Civilian-Military Cooperation and the Development of Civilian-Military Capabilities Parliamentary Search
2010-11-23 Commission Communication How to Express EU citizen’s Solidarity  Through Volunteering: First Reflections on a European Voluntary Humanitarian Aid Corps EU Search Advanced
2010-11-17 Commission Commission Staff Working Document Directorate-General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection - ECHO - Operational Strategy 2011 Council Search
2010-11-15 EU Counter Terrorism Coordinator
EU Action Plan on Combating Terrorism Council Search
2010-11-04 Commission Commission Staff Working Document 2009 Annual Report from the European Commission on the Instrument for Stability
Council Search
2010-11-01 Commission Information Brochure
Supporting a Climate for Change: The EU and Developping Countries Working Together EU Search Advanced
2010-10-28 Commission Communication Towards a Stronger European Disaster Response: the Role of Civil Protection and Humanitarian Assistance Council Search
2010-10-15 Council Draft Council Conclusion Innovative Solutions for Financing Disaster Prevention - Adoption Council Search
2010-10-06 Commission DG ECHO Guidelines Strengthening Humanitarian Response Through ’Enhanced Response Capacity‘ Funding EU Search Advanced
2010-09-28 Commission Commission Staff Working Document 2009 Annual Report from the European Commission on the Instrument for Stability EU Search Advanced
2010-09-21 European Parliament Resolution
Comission Communication: A Community Approach on the Prevention of Natural and Man-Made Disasters Parliamentary Search
2010-08-13 Commission Commission Staff Working Document 2009 Environment Policy Review Part 2 Council Search
Commission Commission Staff Working Document Annual Report 2010 on the European Union's Development and External Assistance Policies and Their Implementation in 2009 Council Search
2010-06-22 European Parliament Press release MEPs call for a holistic approach to disaster prevention Parliamentary Search
2010-06-16 European Parliament Plenary Session New EU satellite system to improve management of natural disasters Parliamentary Search
2010-06-11 Council Press release Council conclusions on water scarcity, drought and adaptation to climate change Council Search
2010-06-06 European Parliament Resolution European parliament resolution of 6 May 2010 on the Commission White Paper: "Adapting to climate change: Towards a European framework for action" (2009/2152(INI)) Parliamentary Search Texts adopted
2010-03-17 Commission Decision The financing of humanitarian actions in Central America from the general budget of the European Union Europa Search Advanced
2010-03-09 Commission Staff working document Accompanying the communication - International climate policy post-Copenhagen - Acting now to reinvigorate global action on climate change Eur-Lex simple search
2010-03-09 Commission Communication International climate policy post-Copenhagen - Acting now to reinvigorate global action on climate change {SEC(2010) 261} Eur-lex simple search
2010-01-18 Council Conclusion Council conclusions on the earthquake in Haiti Presidency Search

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